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Air cooling EPS block molding machine

EPS machine -- EPS Block Molding Machine

Xuelong Company manufactures three product series: 3D Panel Machine series, EPS Machine Series, ICF Machine series.

XL-PSB common fixed type Block Molding Machine can lower the one-time investment at large, so the EPS board manufacturer can reduce capital pressure and shorten the recovery period of equipments. The special design of different penetration ways make it possible to save energy and guarantee the quality demand of different density and different EPS, which also can result into a shorter production period and high efficiency. Furthermore, excellent electric components and reliable design, which simplify the operation and production process, lower the fault rate.

1.With SSTU and high quality profiles as materials, through the technics of welding, aging heat treatment, planning by double housing planer, our machine has the advantages of higher strength, higher toughness, better sealability, can sustain the expansibility of high-density board.
2.The electric control system made up of PLC and touch screen to operate the processes of template opening, closing, locking, feeding, heating, insulating, cooling, demoulding, ejecting and so on automatically.
3. It adopts the mature and advanced molding technics of penetrating and heating, with the advantages of higher penetrability, stronger cohesiveness, less steam consumption, higher molding speed and higher productivity which is over twice higher than ordinary manual or semi-automatic operating. It adopts large diameter pneumatic butterfly valve to increase the heating speed and do its best.
4. The hydraulic and pneumatic spare parts are made of famous factory with advantages of high quality and reasonable configuration. The hydraulic system adopts differential control to open and close the template stably.
5. After the board is out of mould, it'll be self-weighting and feedback computer to adjust the product weight with the digital electrical scale and frequency coder (This device is optional).

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