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Corrugated EPS Cutting Machine

EPS machine -- XL-PSC series Corrugated EPS Cutting Machine

Xuelong Company manufactures three product series: 3D Panel Machine series, EPS Machine Series, ICF Machine series.
This CNC EPS Cutting Machine is controlled by computer. This EPS cutting machine is the well fitting machine of the 3d panel production line. This EPS cutting machine can cut many shapes of slot, for example, coattail sheet, T type slot, arc groove, wave shape groove, which is easy to operate with high accuracy, also can reduce the waste of EPS blocks. It adopts rectangular steel pipe with suitable structure. We also can make the machines by special requirements.
The followings are the main Specification:

Cutting way

electrically heated wire

Controlling system


Max Cutting size

20001000  500MM

Cutting speed




Moving way

Step motor

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