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continuous pre-expander

EPS machine -- EPS Continuous Pre-expander

Xuelong Company manufactures three product series: 3D Panel Machine series, EPS Machine Series, ICF Machine series.
Xuelong EPS Continuous Pre-expander is one of the products produced by Hebei Xuelong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd, The features of the EPS Continuous Pre-expander:

1. General Speaking, reliable ability, stable quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption.
2. The structure of this EPS Continuous Pre-expander is more reasonable under the elaborate design, it is completed automatically from feeding, selecting, crushing, transporting to aging silo.
3. The structure selection of only one or two stages make more convenient and you can select different feeding ways at random to gain the ideal foaming density. Carefully-selected parts and reasonable machine structure make the machine run reliable, efficient and lower maintenance.
4. The inner and outer part of barrel adopts stainless steel. The interlayer adopts insulation measure.

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