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Batch pre-expander

EPS foam pre-hair dryer
Xuelong Company manufactures three product series: 3D Panel Machine series, EPS Machine Series, ICF Machine series. 
Xuelong Full-automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander is one of the main products produced by Hebei Xuelong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd, The features of the Full-automatic EPS Batch Pre-expander: 

XL-PSD Batch pre-expander is a full automatic production line which includes Filling, expanding, drying, sieving, crushing and conveying. Feature:
1. PLC adopts Japan OMRON; touch screen adopts Taiwan Delta to ensure the reliable work. The main spare parts are products from famous factories.
2. The inner and outer insulated shell of the expanding chamber are made of stainless steel, so it can save more than 50% energy than the continuous pre-expander.
3. Efficient screw conveyor and electronic weighing system attach to the expanding chamber.
4. Density Self-correcting mechanism attached with blower filling device, rational container, temperature sensor, pressure transmitter and electronic weighing system to control the density of pre-expanding.    
5. Now we have designed other types to meet different demands of the customers.

The followings are the main specifications:

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