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EPS shape molding machine

Full-automatic EPS Vacuum Shape Molding Machine

Xuelong Company manufactures three product series: 3D Panel Machine series, EPS Machine Series, ICF Machine series.
Xuelong Full-automatic EPS Shape Molding Machine is one of the main products produced by Hebei Xuelong Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

The features of the EPS Shape Molding Machine:
1. The electric system adopts the most advanced PLC, touch screen, electromagnetic valve, encoder to ensure the reliable operation of Shape Molding Machine.
2. All parts and fittings of Shape Molding Machine, such as the vacuum pump, the hydraulic pressure system, the valve body are customized and manufactured by prestigious manufacturers domestic and abroad, in order to accelerate the efficiency and reduce the failure rate of the of Shape Molding Machine.
3. The programme of Shape Molding Machine makes your work easy and produces high quality EPS products.You can operate the machines easily with the well-designed programs and the machines can produce high quality EPS products.
4. We can make the shape molding machine by requirements.

The followings are the main specifications of popular model:

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