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How should we produce excellent foam?
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What¡¯s foam? How should we produce excellent foam?
"Foam" is generally known everywhere but in fact its' meaning is so wide.

Here we concern "Foam" as the expanded plastics. There are many kinds of plastics in the world, any plastics when react with the Blowing Agent will become "Foam" which generally called "Foam Plastics".

When we produce foam, we need excellent machines. Like EPS pre-expander, Air Cooling Type EPS Block Molding machine, Hot wire EPS block Cutting machine. As well-known EPS machinery manufacture industry in China, Xuelong enterprise can supply best EPS machine. Until now, we have exported our products worldwide. As the industry established in 1994, we can provide the customers best service. Professional R &D team, strict quality control, making each and every manufactured product can stand the test of the most critical quality.

Xuelong Machinery, world-class machinery.

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