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Benefits of 3D wire mesh panels for construction
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1. Insulation

Expanded polystyrene has a thermal conductivity of k = 0.03 W/(m.K) while Portland cement (concrete/cement blocks) has a thermal conductivity of k = 0.29 W/(m.K). Therefore cement block walls have a thermal conductivity of about 10 times that of 3D panels.

2. Moisture proofing

It has shown excellent prevention against moisture on walls when used for exterior walls.

3. Reduction in construction time

Construction rate of walls and floor slabs can increase by up to 400% to 500% when using 3D panels. Cement blocks also require production and curing on site which takes up time and space during construction.

4. Soundproofing

Just as polystyrene has a very low thermal conductivity, it also has a very low sound conductivity.

5. Fireproofing

It has passed the 120 minutes fireproofing test (with the correct amount of plaster on each side) and has been approved for fire safety all over the world.

6. Modification

Location of doors, windows, electrical/plumbing pipes can be easily modified by cutting out sections of the panels without delaying schedule of works.

7. Economic efficiency

The reduction in construction time saves the builder and client money. The reduction in foundation size also results in lower costs.

8. Reduction in weight

Using polystyrene panels will drastically reduce the overall weight on the underlying foundation, minimizing settlement.

9. Environmentally friendly

Sand mining is currently a big issue in The Gambia. The increase in construction projects is depleting the beaches which are so vital to the environment and to the tourism sector. The use of 3D panels will greatly reduce the demand for sand since the ingredient for production is polystyrene. Conventional cement blocks use about 4 parts sand to 1 part cement to produce.

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