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Frequenty asked questions (FAQ) for 3D panel
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1.What is the 3D panel? How is it made? What is it made of?

The 3D panel is a prefabricated panel. This extremely strong structural product consists of a super-insulated core of rigid expanded polystyrene sandwiched between two-engineered sheets of eleven-gauge steel welded wire fabric mesh. To complete the panel form process a nine-gauge galvanized steel truss wire is pierced completely through the polystyrene core at off set angles for superior strength and welded to each of the outer layer sheets of eleven-gauge steel welded wire fabric mesh. Once these three elements are joined by EVG's state of the art manufacturing equipment, you end up with a THREE-DIMENSIONAL lightweight panel that due to their characteristics makes them one of the strongest building materials you can find.

2 How is the 3D panel used?

3D panel is used for numerous building applications. It may be used in place of wood framed walls, metal-framed walls, and masonry block walls or in place of pre cast panels. 3D panel may also be used for floor systems, ceilings and to provide a roof structure. 3D panel is an excellent product for building privacy walls around the home or building structure. 3D panel is being used by many landscape companies in place of masonry block. With handsome good looks and great flexibility, 3D panel can be used in conjunction with all of the building trades above.

What is the fire rating of 3D panel?

3D panel has the following fire-resistance ratings, (Ratings are valid for fire exposure from either side) Fire-rating is derived from the wire mesh gauge in combination with concrete thickness. See chart below. The insulation core Type I polystyrene foam demonstrated a flame-spread index of 25 or less and a smoke developed rating of 450 or less when tested in accordance with ASTM -E84.The modified polystyrene core does not contain ozone-damaging chlorofluorocarbons (CFC's) in the manufacturing process or products. 2.5" EXP-Core with 1.50" Shotcrete each side = 1.5 Hours 2.5" EXP-Core with 2.00" Shotcrete each side = 2.0 Hours 2.5" EXP-Core with 3.1/8" Shotcrete each side = 4.0 Hours The fire rating increases with greater quantities of cement applied to each side. Polystyrene core will not burn.

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