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Features and operation methods of EPS foam molding machine
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The EPS foam molding machine has complete functions and convenient parameter adjustment. Closed mold, feed, foam, mold, gas and automatic control, also allows computer control to produce foam products, using a variety of heating methods, can use a complete soil environment in the old machine mold, without changing the factory, the machine can be in good condition , So that the product can meet the requirements of automatic vacuum forming machine foaming machine, compact structure, space saving, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, saving manpower, saving steam quality, saving raw materials.

EPS molding machine semi-automatic learning, a little, no training, each 2-4 machine foam molding machine adopts imported hydraulic system, at the same time increase clamping force, improve mold speed, molding cycle is short, automatic molding machine more energy-saving EPS simple functions It is Chinese, graphical interface control, screw mechanical transmission of man-machine dialogue foam molding machine.

The machine has simple structure, practical and reliable, convenient maintenance, complete fault self-diagnosis function, motor protection system, safe operation of protective equipment, and protective foam molding machine equipment is economical and affordable, which is an ideal choice for capital. Or user transitional investment.

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