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wire mesh welding machine

Pneumatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine

Hebei Xuelong Company manufactures the best quality pneumatic wire mesh machine line.

XL-PW-1200 Series Pneumatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine is one machine of the 3d panel line. It is an automatic wire mesh machine manufactured by our factory. It uses steel wire as material, adopts the resistance welding technology to produce the welded wire mesh. It has features of reasonable structure, stable production and no pollution to the environment.
Main features:
1. It adopts imported PLC Programmable Control System and touch screen operation surface to realize automatic wire feeding, welding, and cutting.
2. Wire feeding device adopts length-adjustable air cylinder, which can adjust the length of the feeding wires.
3. The gasbag is manufactured by our factory (which had won national patent), it has features of strong clamping strength, stable running and accurate location.
4. Welding firmly, can adjust the second voltage of the welding transformers according to different wire diameters.
5. According to requirements, you can set the mesh length in the touch screen to realize the automatic cutting of the mesh

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